Sometimes you need an outsider.

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Situations arise. People get “stuck.” Cycles of blame and shame repeat, repeat, repeat. Relationships become strained, trust breaks down, people feel that they can’t be honest.

Other times, it is just better to bring in a facilitator so that no one is burdened with trying to run the meeting while participating in the meeting.

You need some help.

  • You need someone who can see past the fireworks or walls of silence to assist the group to get to the “real issues.”
  • You need someone who can bring forward some of the “icky” and “uncomfortable” stuff in a respectful way that moves the situation from “stuck” to “forward.”
  • You need someone who can “manage” all of the personalities in the room.
  • You need a facilitator who can engage people to discuss possible options and outcomes, work towards building a consensus and develop a plan of action.

You need us.