Carol Bowser: How to become more conflict competent

How to become more conflict competent

Conflict Tips
Written by Carol Bowser

Some people may think they’re good at handling conflict, but feedback from others may cause them to realize they need to improve their conflict competence. To begin, it’s essential to recognize our personal approach to conflict, often shaped by past experiences and traumas.

Numerous resources are available to enhance conflict resolution skills, such as the Thomas Killman conflict mode assessment and books like “Mediated” by Ken Cloak or publications from the Harvard Negotiation Project. Podcasts and YouTube videos are also great alternatives.

Keep in mind that every resource may come with biases, so be open to exploring different approaches. Feedback from others is valuable in understanding our outward approach versus our inner emotions.

The goal in conflict resolution is not just raising concerns but seeking tangible or emotional resolution. Embrace curiosity in understanding your approach, and explore books, videos, courses, or coaching to improve your conflict competence.

As you progress on this journey, share your knowledge with others, be it family, friends, or coworkers. Conflict resolution skills are meant to be shared and developed within communities.

With enhanced conflict resolution skills, you can confidently face tense situations and make a positive difference. Let’s continue growing, adapting, and equipping ourselves to navigate conflicts effectively. Good luck on your conflict competence journey!