Photo of Carol Bowser talking about conflict resolution

Every conflict, every team and every individual is slightly unique

Conflict Resolution
Written by Carol Bowser

So sometimes people wanna know how do you work? What can we expect? Is this an off the shelf one-size-fits-all presentation, coaching, mediation or facilitation? And the answer is no.

Because every conflict and every team and every individual is slightly unique, and being able to provide tips, tools or processes to help organizations and teams just takes a couple of conversations. So, I help organizations of all sizes and all types either prevent or address workplace conflict. I do that in a variety of ways. I can do speaking engagements as part of an ongoing organized professional development opportunities. I can do group facilitations where the group just wants to be able to come together and figure out what are our protocols, how do we treat each other, how do we support our culture or are we coming off of something that’s a little bit stressful.

And then there’s media mediations which are more kind of one to one conversations or maybe you’ve got key people on a team. Particularly for the leadership team not getting along, that really has a cascading effect throughout the whole organization and causes amazing organizational drag. And then there’s just overall bigger training where teams or organizations really wanna increase their conflict resolution muscles.