Carol Bowser: Are cliques causing your people to feel excluded?

Breaking Down Cliques: Fostering Inclusion and Trust in Teams

Employee Relations
Written by Carol Bowser

In the context of using the word “clique,” it signifies a feeling of being purposefully excluded, unwelcome, or not trusted within a group or team. It’s important to recognize that when people describe this emotion, they are expressing a sense of discomfort in their working relationships.

Even if we may personally think it’s not a big deal or that we don’t even interact much with that person, it’s crucial to understand their perspective. They may assume that others within the group have more frequent and meaningful conversations, which can further contribute to their feeling of exclusion.

To address this issue, it’s essential to reach out to new team members and make them aware of what’s happening. By doing so, we can alleviate the burden on the person who feels excluded and acknowledge that, as long-standing members, we may have more familiarity and ease within the group. Let’s make an effort to reach out and create a more inclusive environment for everyone involved.