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Carol’s Respectful Workplace training has been highly effective for our organization. We are very pleased with the training, and the staff has said that they have enjoyed this workshop. Carol uses a combination of interaction, real-life experiences, and a great sense of humor to keep her audiences engaged. She was flexible and thoughtful in collaborating with us to develop a curriculum that met the needs of our organization. We will continue to utilize her for future training opportunities.

Christina Roberts, Port of Tacoma

I took a lot away from your presentation. Identifying my own communication style(s) as well as awareness of another’s (different but still valid) type has helped me a lot. I use the “3-minute rule” to truly listen to the other person, recognize that my own style may differ, and change the way I listen. It has been very helpful.

Grady Williamson, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

The central theme of our annual crew seminar was to take our company to a ‘best in class’ performance standard. Carol’s Respectful Workplace Training was enlightening, empowering, and energizing. It gave our crew members communication and team building tools that don’t just look good on paper, they work in practice. Carol’s presentation created a foundation for our employees to reach for and attain ‘best in class”, as individuals and as a team.

Jeff Slesinger, Western Towboat

Surprisingly what makes Carol’s services one of the most valuable investments your organization could make is not just her amazing education and professional background. It is the wealth of knowledge and experience she brings combined with Carol’s innate ability to find the harmony between the perceptions and needs of the business organization and the individuals contained therein. Carol Bowser faces every situation from a foundation of common sense, a desire to ensure all parties involved are understood, and an unwavering respect for all. Carol Bowser is more than an incredible business resource, she is an incredible person. I am honored to know her and am fortunate to have her as a resource.

Tom Bolt, Sea-Tac Packaging

Down to earth presenter. Excellent ideas.” “Superb presentation delivered with humor and real-life examples! I will immediately act on the information I received today.” “The speaker was outstanding. She was prepared, interesting and engaged. She had everyone’s attention and she made the entire presentation enjoyable.

Attendees, Government Customer Service and Support Conference

Carol Bowser is a unique person possessing many incredible skills and competencies as a coach, mediator, trainer and trusted advisor. I have observed Carol in many situations and have always found her to display a wonderful balance between achieving results/solutions for her clients and encouraging a supportive and inviting process that builds mutual responsibility, accountability, and open transparency for change. I highly recommend Carol for any business opportunity where there is not only the challenge of conflict but also the goal of achieving results and engaging participants in the change process.

Ron Dohr, Ph.D. & Certified Mediator

Carol offered some very valuable action plans that allowed our company to improve intra-company relationships structure, communication, and recognition of differing cultures and management styles.

Heidi Huebner, HR Manager

Bright, energetic, passionate, insightful. The go-to person for partnering with you to manage your workplace conflict. Get to her when the going gets tough – or even better yet – before the going gets tough for training and consultation to develop your company’s capacity for handling conflict.

Jeff Bean, Beyond the Courthouse Mediation

Carol is particularly successful at resolving business conflict situations because, in addition to her exceptional professional experience in conflict management, she brings outstanding business and legal understanding to the situation. She applies her unique insights gained from working with numerous business, family, and workplace staff conflicts to each situation. She invests her energy, humor, and common sense style to assure an effective resolution for her clients.

Sam Pederson, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

I have had the privilege of hiring Carol to conduct several conflict resolution training in various professional settings. She is a great presenter and really engages the audience. She approaches the subject in a way that makes learning fun, even when dealing with touchy issues. I first met Carol when I completed a 40-hour mediation training in which she was the main presenter. I walked away with knowledge that I will be able to retain throughout my entire career because of the training methods she used. Carol is liked by her audience and has always been a pleasure to work with. I sincerely recommend Carol for employment training, presenting, or any other professional endeavor.

Lorraine Viers, SPHR-HR Manager