What sort of person likes conflict? I do.

Back in 2002, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. How to spend the next several decades of my professional life. I thought a lot about what I could do. Practice employment law? Maybe. Try to find a job that would allow me to mediate full time? After a few years of doing a mixture of training, mediating, speaking, and consulting, I started Conflict Management Strategies Inc, a company emphasizing training, facilitation, mediation, and consulting on conflict resolution in the workplace

Workplace Conflict Expert
You would not believe how many times I have heard “wow, does my organization need you!” Well, of course. Every organization periodically struggles with conflict. Personally, I love conflict. Because it means that something important is going on. I help people figure out the sources of conflict then help them do something about it. I write on the subject and curate articles so that everyone can develop their own conflict resolution skill set. My efforts to share the gospel of “Managing Conflict. Empowering People.” has gotten noticed. In 2018, I was named one of LinkedIn’s Top 30 Conflict Resolution Experts to Follow.
You have to make even the most uncomfortable topic approachable, so I strive for humor even with the most challenging subject. I recognize that it is my job to read the room and adapt to bring the audience with me. I regularly speak at Society for Human Resource Management meetings and in-house professional development seminars. I recognize that to be valuable my content needs to be solid with engaging delivery.
Professional Trainer
I work with my clients to train personnel at all levels on the skills to address and navigate through workplace conflict. My style is highly interactive, facilitative, and designed so that participants can put the skills to immediate use in the workplace. Clients have said that I am highly engaging AND highly knowledgeable.
I began my mediation career in 1994 through training at the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution. The training was a huge influence on my life and professional career. I have mediated hundreds of cases with particular emphasis on employment matters and working relationships and trained others in mediation skills. From 2005-2009, I served as a mediator for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
I work with employees of all levels to increase workplace and leadership skills. Coaching clients have called me “a lifeboat” as well as “informative and engaging.” My coaching programs are true to organizational needs and consistent with my client’s personal values.
After several years of practicing Employment Law, I made a switch and decided to become an entrepreneur and work with organizations to prevent costly workplace conflict and share the gospel of “Managing Conflict. Empowering People.” I know the difference between what employees perceive to be unfair and what is illegal.
Washington State Bar Association (Member)
Society for Human Resource Management (Member)
National Military Spouse Network (Workplace Expert)
Top 30 Conflict Management Experts To Follow on LinkedIn
Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution (Certified Mediator)
Association Training and Development (Coaching Certificate)
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